Waldmichelbacher Hof

From good and solid to delicious and pretty comfortable

That we are in the position to celebrate big celebrations with up to 270 guests, will no one recognize. The guesthouse consists of many separate rooms, which are clumped around our bar. So, every guest has a comfortable, undisturbed seat.

The house has a modern passenger lift and a handicapped accessible toilet.

Our business was awarded in 2013 by the "Bavarian Hotel– and Restaurant Association" and priced with the GastroManagementPass.

Waldmichelbacher Hof
Familie Herold und Schultes Sen.
Waldmichelbach 4
63856 Bessenbach
Fon 0 60 95 - 6 74 oder 83 3
Closed 2017
Monday & Tuesday except on holidays