Waldmichelbacher Hof

Eco Cycle

The eco cycle of the Waldmichelbacher Hof

We are farming with a hornless mother cow herd with best extractions. The cattle meat, which we offer in our guesthouse, predominant comes from our own barn, the other meat we get from the region, whereby we ensure the same quality.

The agrarian floor space is 170 hectare meadows and pastures and 30 hectare arable land. At the arable land we are growing feed reserves like corn, oats and triticale.

The new construction of a biogas plant in 1994, which generates electricity and hot water for the entire business by liquid manures, indicates the ecological thinking.

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Waldmichelbacher Hof
Familie Herold und Schultes Sen.
Waldmichelbach 4
63856 Bessenbach
Fon 0 60 95 - 6 74 oder 83 3
Closed 2017
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