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In autumn we produce our finest Schnapps and liqueur in our 400 year old cellar where our distillery is located. For you to visualize the products we would like to show the process and production of the Schnapps.

The first part of the process is the careful selection of the fruit. We use only the highest quality fruit, which means the fruit has had the full time for ripening to full maturity, with no stems or leaves or blemishes. For the fermentation process a very specialized form of distillers yeast is used. During which the sugar in the fruit ferments to become alcohol. The fruit is first crushed and put into the barrels then it is mixed with the yeast. Within 12 hours the fermentation process begins. The carbon dioxide is a by product of this process which is important for conserving the fruit mash and helps the alcohol to extract the flavour from the fruit. Depending on the fermentation temperature of the mash, after 8-12 weeks, a “Defaktometer” a special measuring device is used to determine the sugar content remaining. Once the sugar content reaches 4% the fermentation process is finished. Before starting to make Schnapps you must first request to the Customs agency permission to burn the Schnapps. The process of burning can then take place between the hours of 6 am to 8 pm.

The copper kettle, with capacity of a 150 litres, is filled with the fermented fruit mash. The water-jacket around the kettle is boiled by a gas burner. This guarantees an even distribution of heat. Pure alcohol starts to evaporate 78,3 ° Celsius. The steam rises into the steam hat, it continues as steam to the Dephlegmator where it is purified and concentrated, then flows into the cool tower and condenses back into liquid. The Schnapps has 3 stages, the first stage approx. 1 litre and the 3rd stage which has an alcohol content of under 75% vol. are discarded and only the middle run with 75% vol. the most pure is kept. The whole burning process takes 4 hours. This process requires patience and cannot be rushed, it is very important to burn slowly in order to achieve the optimum Schnapps.

Out of 100 kg of fruit processed the outcome is approximately 1.5 – 5 litres of pure alcohol, depending on the type of fruit for example, cherries 5 litres and apricots 3.2 litres. This alcohol is taxed by customs at a rate of 10 € per litre.

The purist form of Schnapps that remains, the middle at 75% is collected into stainless steel vats and remains in these for 3 years while ageing. The Schnapps is then diluted with purified spring water to an alcohol content of 43%. It is then filtered and bottled.

Our homemade Schnapps are produced by our chef almost exclusively from fruits of this area. You will taste the exquisite blend of the fruits and understand the love and passion that goes into making each bottle.

Waldmichelbacher Hof
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